Startup and Small Projects


  • Gain access to expertise and knowledge immediately as a business start-up and entrepreneur.

  • Flexible relationships, work with consultants only as needed, desired, or economical.

  • Get help with business tasks to accomplish business requirements.

  • Eliminate guessing game and learning curves, execute with experience from the beginning.

  • Avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls. Make better decisions from the start.

  • Add executive level help and experience as needed to assist with key objectives.

  • Have access to skills for specific tasks fast and reliable.


  • Business Model Design

    • Customer Analysis

    • Customer Problem/Needs Design

    • Value Proposition Design

    • Revenue Stream Design

  • Lean Startup Process

  • Solution and MVP Analysis and Design

  • Company Growth Design


  • Advisory

    • Review

    • Assessment

    • Decision Analysis

  • Operations

    • Support

    • Studies

    • Planning

    • Contracts

    • Reporting

    • Supervision

    • Coordination

  • Consultancy

    • Acceptance

    • Problem Solving

  • Information

    • Products

    • Services

    • Suppliers

    • Competitors

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